Mastering prospecting on LinkedIn with these 5 tips

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ProspectIn now attracts in its ambassador program some of the greatest LinkedIn experts, wishing to promote our tool to their customers. We have selected 5 tips from them for your prospecting on LinkedIn.

First of all, B2B prospecting allows you to :

  • Find new customers.
  • Boost your lead-generation, B2B marketing and sales.
  • Enhance your engagement lead metric and lead qualification.
  • Broaden your potential customer base in your CRM.
  • Create traffic to your website and conversion funnel.
  • Increase lead nurturing with a marketing automation software.

Hack 1 – And in real life?

“Ask yourself a simple question before pressing the send button: does this message perfectly corresponds to the way in which I have approached a prospect in real life in a networking event?” By Florian Bourguignon.

We start with heavy stuff. Because this is a fundamental question: why would you approach prospects in real life differently than on LinkedIn? In real life, you can always correct a mistake. But if your prospect declines your invitation on LinkedIn… It’s over!

Very often people tell me “I would never say that to a prospect in real life”. So why saying it on LinkedIn? It is important to tell people to keep in humanity and to be balanced between relaxation and professionalism.


Sending a message on LinkedIn is like breaking the ice in networking events, except that instead of making a comment on the wine or the quality of the cheese platter or the intervention you just saw, you have dozens of much more qualitative icebreaker thanks to the information on their profile.

Hack 2 – Short messages to optimize your B2B prospecting on LinkedIn

“Use short messages. People have no time.” By Adrien Croville, co-founder of Mentor-Marketing.

Here is a fundamental concept. However, I have already been targeted with messages of more than 1300 words. 1300 words! This is an article, not a message.

Florian Bourguignon even specifies:

“Do not exceed 600 characters in the first message after the invitation.”

Remember that you are in the visual field of your prospect: he does not care about you. Don’t stuff him with information, he doesn’t care. Tell him what you want from him and discuss things he knows something about. We come to the third point.

Hack 3 – A clear call to action to boost your customer base

You don’t arrive at an unprepared sales interview without knowing exactly what you want. So don’t do it with your prospects on LinkedIn.

“Only one objective per message. (You don’t want to sell your services from the first message)” By Adrien Croville.

It is essential to define precisely:

  • Who is your target.
  • Why contact him and why now.
  • What you expect from him.
  • Finally how you are going to call him to action.

Florian Bourguignon adds:

Clearly define your sales objectives at the start to quantify the time and the number of campaigns required.

Don’t waste time on cold prospects.

Hack 4 – Don’t just prospect but give value

This is an article on prospecting. But we can’t talk about prospecting without talking about having an optimized profile and creating content.

“LinkedIn works on a profile/messages/content triptych: one cannot go without the other two and each must be properly optimized” By Benoît Dubos co-founder of, a marketing agency which produces courses with high added value on LinkedIn best practices.”

Indeed. Adding prospects to LinkedIn is good. But that is not enough. By creating content, you bring value to your future customers. By sharing it on LinkedIn, you increase your credibility and your “expert” status in the field.

By optimizing your profile, you consider it as a showcase of your activity. Your profile is a crucial step before visiting your website!

Hack 5 – Differentiating from the Mass

“Take the opposite of what is commonly done” By Benoît Dubos.

Perhaps you too receive several prospecting invitations every day. And what do you remember? Only those who stand out!

I would even add “Be original. Test new things. Try approaches never seen before. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But with automation, you can test, measure and iterate. Until you find an approach that works, and identify those that don’t work.” (See the article “How to get 51% acceptance“)

A bonus for your prospecting on LinkedIn?

“Be nice and/or be a woman. “” By Benoit Dubos (again).

This is half a joke, half a truth. Staying polite and friendly, even with prospects who send you to graze is a basic (and it happens when you test original messages, it’s inevitable). But we also found that female profiles inspire more confidence since they obtain much higher acceptance and response rates.

What about you? Do you have a tip to share for prospecting on LinkedIn? 😁


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