How does LinkedIn Lead Generation works?

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Generating leads via LinkedIn or the “LinkedIn Lead Generation” is crucial to your prospecting. But where to start? 😅 Choosing among every tools, articles and videos available is quite tiring. We offer you to discover our tool to ease your searches!

How to generate leads on LinkedIn?

To find prospects on LinkedIn, we advise you to automate your actions. It’s a real gain of time that will prevent you to spend your day prospecting.

We thought it was taking too much time to send messages manually, worse, to copy and paste those messages the whole day. That’s why we looked for a way to automate our LinkedIn prospecting.

ProspectIn allows for:

  • Sending customized messages
  • Sending connection requests automatically
  • Automating profile’s visits
  • Making automatic follow-ups

Our aim is to build an effective tool that is easy to use. But who is our tool for?

  • Marketers
  • Sales people
  • Business owners
  • Business developers
  • In short… anyone who uses LinkedIn frequently enough or that need to find more customers

LinkedIn leads with ProspectIn

You can use our tool for every purpose, for any reason:

  • Create a customized newsletter that you will broadcast via message
  • Conduct surveys
  • Search candidates for your future recruitment
  • Target your personas
  • Contact recruiters
  • Send your resume via a private message

As you may have now understood, you can use our tool for EVERY task, no matter your job or your aim.

If you want to constitute a candidate pool, develop your network, make your brand famous, target your personas, ProspectIn is made for you. 😁

Comparatives with other tools

ProspectIn prioritize your account safety, unlike Dux-Soup or Meet-Alfred.

By using unsafe tools, you risk being banned or suspended by LinkedIn.

Let’s take Dux-Soup as an example:

Concerning Meet Alfred, this tool is way too expensive for the features he offers:

meet alfred vs prospectin

Some tips for your LinkedIn lead generation

  • Customize your messages
  • Target your prospects
  • Organize your prospecting per projects
  • Define your personas and aims

If you want some more tips, come and directly discuss with us on LinkedIn 😉


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