How to master the Sales Navigator search feature?

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The Sales Navigator. A quite expensive tool (see: How to use the Sales Navigator for free) but of unmatched power on the BtoB acquisition market. A simple tool and at the same time so complete. Provided you know how to use it…🤗

Using the Sales Navigator

This article complements the previous one on How to master the LinkedIn standard search feature. The 6 principles mentioned in this first article are totally valid on the Sales Navigator. So I’m not going to repeat myself but rather suggest that you explore other filters.

Target the decision-makers

It is one of the most effective filters of the Sales Navigator: the seniority level. I don’t know how the LinkedIn algorithm determines this information but it is very effective. When you want to sell, it is rarely to the company’s junior (and if this is the case, it is always possible to filter by “young graduate”).

It is not a filter that is used alone, but rather in combination with other filters. If you are looking for people in marketing, add the hierarchical level you want to address and you’ll get a much better search.

Focusing on seniority

Another interesting and complementary indicator is the seniority in the company or in the position. If the prospect has been there for less than a year (unless he is a founder and you target startups, in which case it is interesting to have this information anyway), he is probably less likely to be able to buy a service or product that you offer.

Use company size

Here is one of the most useful filters in the Sales Navigator. A product/market fit or a targeted approach is often defined on specific company size (we do not sell the same things in the same way to S&P500 companies and to a SME).

Here, you can target from “Independent” to “more than 10,000 employees”. A great way to divide your approaches and if possible your landing pages, to keep a rhetoric adapted to each prospect.

Group filter

I talk about it in the Standard Search article. Thanks to the Sales Navigator, you don’t have to join the group. You can filter prospects who belong to one or more groups. And this is very very powerful. (See how we managed to get more than 50% acceptance with the groups).

Posted on LinkedIn in the last 30 days

Want to contact only people who are active on LinkedIn? This option is very interesting! You only contact prospects who published in the last 30 days and who are therefore active.

Using exclusion

As with the Standard search, it is possible to use the Boolean operators. But it is also possible to use exclusions in filters that are not keyword fields. For example, you can add a “France” region filter and exclude prospects in “France” by clicking on the filter.

Other filters that you would like to highlight? Do not hesitate to contact me to update this article!


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