How to schedule a post on LinkedIn?

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Content creation is part of communication strategy. Whether it is at the time of writing or publication on your website or social networks, it requires a minimum of organization. We explain how to schedule a post on LinkedIn in order to save time!

Why schedule a post on LinkedIn?

Finding time to publish on social networks can be difficult between your work, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur and your personal life. Being regular is even harder. That’s why writing your content and programming it in advance can be interesting.

To be effective, it is important to establish an editorial calendar that includes the publication, the date of the publication, a possible visual that accompanies it and the name of the social network on which you are going to publish. As far as LinkedIn is concerned, you can create posts as well as articles. As far as posts are concerned, you will be able to integrate one or more images, a video, a podcast extract… There are many possibilities!

To make your post more visible, you can integrate hashtags that will allow the subscribers of these hashtags to discover your publication.

Scheduling your posts to free up your time is an obvious thing to do, but it’s not always easy to find content ideas. A simple trick is to bounce on annual events such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve or sales for example. This type of date is ideal for anticipating your communication as much as possible, as long as it is logically linked to your activity!

Available tools to save time

Currently, it is not possible to schedule a post directly with LinkedIn but external tools allow it. Among the most known and used are :

  • Hootsuite: it’s a tool that allows you to program your content on different networks such as Facebook, Twitter and of course LinkedIn. The free version allows you to program a limited number of posts. To program as much content as you want, you will have to switch to the paid version.
  • Buffer: this tool also allows you to plan your communication on most networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. The number of scheduled posts varies according to the package you choose.
  • Agorapulse : this tool can be adapted to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn and also allows you to program a certain number of posts.

There are of course other features such as monitoring, tracking or analysis of your actions on your various social networks. It is therefore important to test these different solutions and to choose the one that best suits your needs or those of your customers if you are looking for a solution in the context of your missions.
Be careful, however, because some do not publish your content automatically: you will need to install the application on your smartphone and you’ll be notified that it is time to post manually. So be careful and compare the different ways these tools work! However, if this option can scare you off, these tools still save you time since they allow you to “store” a significant amount of content and posting only takes a few seconds!

Podawaa, the most powerful tool!

LinkedIn is the essential social network to develop your network and make your offer, your products or your expertise known. If you can gain visibility by participating in discussion groups by theme, publishing content is essential.

Among the latest solutions on the web to be present effectively, Podawaa is the most powerful tool! Saving time to post is good, targeting your audience is even better! Podawaa allows you for example to :

  • Program your content
  • See the number of views increase
  • Reaching a personalized audience

Programming a post on LinkedIn becomes child’s play while taking advantage of a custom algorithm!

In addition to being targeted, your audience allows you to generate qualified leads: your communication becomes formidable and you stand out more easily from those who do not sufficiently target their audience. Of course, programming a post on LinkedIn is not enough, you need to take the time to respond to comments. Podawaa allows you to remedy this by programming comments for example.

To increase even faster your community on LinkedIn, think about interaction and connection request! To avoid doing everything manually, ProspectIn is the ideal tool to send messages and login requests automatically. No need to add just anyone! You program the type of user to whom you want to send a connection request, you program a sample message via a scenario you have selected! Afraid of being penalized by LinkedIn? This tool mimics human behavior.

ProspectIn and Podawaa are the perfect duo to boost your LinkedIn profile and why not, make the buzz on LinkedIn!

All you have to do is create your content, automate its distribution and devote yourself to your core business!