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Are you wondering how to quickly and easily get started with ProspectIn? In this short article, I’ll show you how to launch your first prospecting campaign in just 2 steps. You’ll see, it’s quite simple. 😉

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Step 1: Export prospect

The first step when you want to launch a prospecting campaign with ProspectIn is to export prospects from a LinkedIn search to ProspectIn. If you want to prospect marketers in NY, just search for “Marketer” and “NY” on LinkedIn.

In order to get more accurate results, we strongly recommend that you use the Sales Navigator. (For those who are put off by the price of the Sales Navigator, here is an article that gives you a tip for using it for free)

To export prospects, you, therefore, start from a LinkedIn search:

Remember to filter by “people”.

You will then be able to export the results of your research to ProspectIn, simply by clicking on the small icon at the top right of your screen.
Create a campaign simply by clicking on :

  • Create a campaign,
  • Then select the number of profiles you want to export in ProspectIn,
  • And finally click on validate.

There you go, the first step is validated. I told you it was easy, right? 😜

Step 2: Send your campaign

Now that your prospects have been exported to the campaign you previously created, it’s time to launch your first campaign.

Start by opening the ProspectIn CRM by clicking on the “CRM” button in the small ProspectIn window.

You then land on that page:

Click on “campaign” in the left menu.

Once on the campaign page, find the previously created campaign. There you will find the list of prospects you exported.

Click on the “scenario” tab on the right of your screen.

Click on “new scenario”

You can now choose the scenario template. Here we will start with a simple scenario with two steps:

  • Connection request
  • Message

Select the scenario “Breaking Bad” :

All you have to do is set up your connection note and your message. To do this :

  • Simply click on the connection step,
  • Then on the message step.

Note: if you want to send a connection request without a note, just leave a blank message. No note will be sent with your connection request.

Once the two steps are completed, they switch from orange to green.

Last step: select your prospects and start the campaign

Congratulations, you have just launched your first campaign with ProspectIn.😉

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