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The Enterprise plan has just arrived on ProspectIn and you are wondering what it can do? You are in the right place. In this article, we go back in detail on the possibilities offered by the Enterprise plan and to whom it is aimed.

What does the Enterprise plan allow?

  • The Enterprise plan allows you to manage multiple ProspectIn accounts from the same platform. To be concrete, this translates into the possibility of navigating between the CRMs of the various members making up the enterprise from a single CRM.

When you browse the CRM of another member of the enterprise, you can perform the same actions as if you were connected to his CRM (prospect management, sending actions). The LinkedIn account of the CRM in question does not have to be open in order to access the CRM.

However, for the actions to be sent it is still necessary to have LinkedIn tab opened for the account in question.

For example, you are logged into your CRM and you decide to access the CRM of a member of your team from your own CRM in order to launch a campaign on your colleague’s account. This member of your team does not need to have its LinkedIn account opened for you to access its CRM, but for the actions that you plan to be performed, its LinkedIn account must be opened.









  • The Enterprise plan allows you to export prospects from a LinkedIn account to other members of the company. In particular, this allows you to keep a single Sales Navigator account for your entire team. You will then carry out your exports from your Sales Navigator account to the other accounts of the company.

  • In order to prevent contacting your prospects several times with your different accounts, an anti-duplicate control option allows you to make sure that the exported prospects are not already present in the CRM of another member of the company. This check is also done when you add a new member to your company. To find out more about the anti-duplication check in the Enterprise offer, see this article.
  • Finally, in order to manage all of your campaigns and have a global outlook; a dashboard allows you to view the overall statistics of the company, as well as the statistics for each member of the company.

Who is this offer for?

The Enterprise plan is adapted to multiple use cases:

  • Allowing an agency to manage prospecting on behalf of its clients, with complete transparency for the client.
  • Combine all the Sales/Business Developer accounts of your team.
  • Manage the accounts of your collaborators or your team to increase your prospecting force.
  • For a young startup, this is an opportunity to use all of the founders’ accounts to kick-start the business.

In general, the Enterprise plan is suitable for people with multiple ProspectIn accounts and wishing to manage their accounts from a single interface. The Enterprise plan allows you to set up a prospecting force very quickly, with an extremely attractive return on investment.

Okay, but at what cost?

Each member of the enterprise in our Enterprise plan is granted an “advanced” subscription. The basic Enterprise plan (as well as the trial period) allows you to add 2 members, in addition to the member who subscribes to the Enterprise plan. You can then add as many accounts as you want to your enterprise at a sliding scale.

Frequency: Monthly/Quarterly/Annual

Base price for 3 accounts: 150/130/100 euros

  • From 4 to 8 accounts: 30/25/20 euros per month per additional account.
  • 9-15 accounts: 25/21/18 euros per month per additional account.
  • 16-25 accounts: 20/17/15 euros per month per additional account.
  • > 25 accounts: 15/13/10 euros per month per additional account.

If you have any questions about the Enterprise plan, do not hesitate to contact us on the chat. 😉


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