How ProspectIn secures your LinkedIn account?

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In this article, we are going to unveil the safety cautions ProspectIn has set up to protect your LinkedIn account. The ProspectIn security is very high. Your account is too important to use a risky tool such as Dux Soup or Linked Helper. So, we have developed a foolproof safety. In this article, we tell you everything about how to stay safe on ProspectIn! 😜

Daily quotas

To avoid being restricted by LinkedIn for “spamming”, we set daily action quotas which differ every day to simulate the human behavior at its best:

  • Connect requests and follows: between 80 and 100 actions,
  • Messages: between 120 and 150 messages,
  • Visits: between 160 and 200 visits.

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Once your quotas are reached, your queue stops sending actions, until you get back your quotas the next day (quotas set up every night between 02:00 am and 03:00 am UTC+1). If you use scenarios, the same quotas are applied. You can launch prospecting for consecutive days without worrying about LinkedIn’s thresholds. These quotas are available for PRO subscriptions at least. The STANDARD subscription offers 12 to 15 actions per each type of action (12 to 15 messages, 12 to 15 invites, etc.).

The human behavior’s simulation

We use daily quotas to keep your account safe so you don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff. Aside from these daily quotas, we add several operations making our robot undetectable:

  • Random delays between actions: Like quotas, a random factor is added for every actions. In the case of invite requests, you send an invite every 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Actions sent from your IP: a certain number of other solutions, called “cloud”, connect on your account from a server with a different IP than yours, often from another country. This type of behavior is particularly unusual and warns LinkedIn on the use of a robot. ProspectIn sends actions in the background of your LinkedIn account, from your LinkedIn tab. This is why you need to keep a LinkedIn tab open and your computer running. As if you were here.

These cautions allow LinkedIn for not seeing any form of automation in your actions, but rather “natural” actions. As if you were doing everything manually. 😉

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To this day, more than 3 000 people downloaded ProspectIn and none of them had a warning.

Warning system for abnormal behaviors

In case of an abnormal behavior, your activity with ProspectIn is blocked for 48 hours. For instance, if you decide to send too many messages or connect requests manually on LinkedIn. It is an additional ProspectIn precaution to guarantee your LinkedIn account’s security.

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With the use of unsafe tools like Linked Helper or Dux Soup, several persons saw their account being banned or suspending by LinkedIn. At ProspectIn, we think automation should not harm your account’s quality. Take the time to compare prospecting tool alternatives before making your choice.

If some informations are not clear, contact us via the chat of our website, we answer in a few seconds!

An undetectable extension

LinkedIn uses a small algorithm that is able to detect specific Chrome extensions (in this case from a list of extensions blacklisted by LinkedIn).

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This little script is run on your computer (without you knowing it) and checks every 30 minutes for the presence of a prohibited extension.

If one of the extensions is detected, the little algorithm contacts Liinkedin’s server to say “This user is using a prohibited extension”. It is for this reason that many users of extensions like Linked Helper have had their account banned and that the initial version of Linked Helper has disappeared from the Chrome Store.

At ProspectIn, we have a security that blocks this algorithm. If it detects an extension (ProspectIn or another for that matter), we intercept the message sent by the algorithm. Instead, we send “Everything is fine, I did not detect any prohibited extensions with this user”.😇

Thus LinkedIn is unable to detect the use of ProspectIn on your computer.

If any information is unclear, please contact us and we will respond in a few seconds. In any case, please be assured that your security on ProspectIn is respected. 😜

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