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At ProspectIn, we offer several subscriptions, but also a free version of our tool. We detail everything in this article so that you can make the choice that suits you best! 😁

The free trial

When you start using ProspectIn, you get a 7-day free trial period on the most advanced plan of our subscriptions. This period allows you to test the tool completely. This will allow you to see the features you need in order to choose between the different ProspectIn subscriptions and find the one that is right for you. Even if you do not subscribe to a paid plan, you can still use ProspectIn for free!

ProspectIn free plan

Let’s talk about our free version and what it allows you to do. When you are in the free formula (standard) you are limited to 10-15 actions per type of action per day and you no longer have access to the scenarios. That is to say:

  • Messages: 10 to 15 messages per day
  • Invitations: 10 to 15 invitations per day
  • Visits: 10 to 15 visits per day
  • Follow: 10 to 15 follows per day

You no longer have access to the scenario functionality. If you had an ongoing scenario during your trial period, you will need to subscribe to an advanced subscription so that the scenario resume where they left off.

Pro plan

  • Features: Message/connection/visit/profile follow
  • Monthly price: 14.99 € per month
  • Annual price: 9.99 € per month

The PRO plan allows you to use the message, connection, visit and follow functionality, with unlimited quotas. Of course, you cannot exceed the limits imposed by LinkedIn.

Advanced plan

  • Features: Message/connection/visit/follow + Scenarios
  • Monthly price: 29.99 € per month
  • Annual price: 19.99 € per monthThe advanced subscription is our most complete package. You benefit from all the advantages of a PRO subscription but with access to our scenario functionality.

The scenario functionality allows you to create sequences of actions. Quite similar to standard drip campaign emails, but using LinkedIn’s private messaging instead of conventional emails and therefore with a very, very attractive opening and engagement rate. 😉

This functionality allows you to sequence actions (profile visit, profile follow, connection request, messages) between them according to certain delays and conditions, all in a fully automated manner.

Do not hesitate to contact Margot on the chat, she will be happy to help you if you still have questions! 😊


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