How to send an email to a prospect who does not accept my connection request using Hunter

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With ProspectIn, it is very easy to send hundreds of connection requests per week to your prospects on LinkedIn. To prospect, LinkedIn remains by far the most effective platform, especially in B2B. 👌🏻

Unfortunately, if your prospect does not accept your connection request, he will not be able to enter your sequence, and you will not be able to send him a message.
Fortunately there are other ways to get in touch with your prospect: welcome to the world of multichannel! 😜

What is Hunter?

Hunter is an enrichment tool. Enrichment tools allow you to complete or “enrich” the data you already have on a prospect, in order to contact your prospect via another channel, or simply to improve the personalization of your approach thanks to the new data captured.


How does it work?

Enrichment tools retrieve all the data available on the web and their internal database. Then they format and clean the data and reconcile the data according to the “key” data that you have specified. For example name / first name / company.

From these 3 elements, tools like Hunter are able to bring out a whole lot of data, and in particular the email of your prospects.

You can then use this data to contact your prospect via email. This is what we are going to see together. 😉

Export prospects who did not accept your connection request on LinkedIn

The first step is to retrieve the prospects who have not accepted your connection request via ProspectIn in a CSV file.

For this you must download ProspectIn.

  1. Go to ProspectIn, then “Prospect” tab:
  2. Filter by “pending”;
  3. Export the results in a CSV file.

You get a CSV file containing valuable information: the name / first name / company of prospects who have not accepted your connection request on LinkedIn.

For the rest, go to Hunter!

Get the email of my prospects

  • Create an account on Hunter and click on “Bulks” and then “Email Finder”;
  • Click on “New Bulk”;
  • Give a name to your list and upload the file that you have just downloaded with ProspectIn
  • After a few seconds, you can retrieve your file containing the emails of your prospects to contact, you just have to click on “download”. ✅

It is normal that the tool does not find 100% of emails, in general, you can expect around 30% of verified emails, which is already huge!

The free version of Hunter allows you to retrieve 50 emails per month. The various paid plans can allow you to retrieve up to 30,000 emails per month. It’s up to you to see which offer suits you best.

Now that you have retrieved your prospects’ email, all you have to do is contact them. 😉

I hope this tutorial is clear enough, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly on LinkedIn!

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