The alternative to Dux Soup

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Have you thought about your account’s safety? 🤨 Dux soup isn’t a secure tool. Your account being suspended or banned is quite a big risk. Automation of your LinkedIn prospecting needs an appropriate tool.

The best alternative to Dux soup

Tools such as Dux Sup, aside from not being easy to use, are not safe for your account. No matter your activity, if prospecting is at the heart of your client acquisition, you must choose a trustworthy tool, safe and overall effective.

Optimization and automation of your LinkedIn prospecting must be easy. You don’t want to look like a spammer alongside your future prospects, your corporate image would take a knock.

We offer you to discover ProspectIn. THE best alternative to Dux Soup. Choosing our tool means prioritizing security. We simulate human behavior by setting up daily limits, allowing you to prospect safely. We detect risky behaviors and set up alerts to anticipate LinkedIn’s algorithm.

ProspectIn allows you to:

  • Create campaigns
  • Separate your projects
  • Organize your prospecting

And as we talk about features…

  • Making A/B tests
  • Automatic LinkedIn messages
  • Sending customized connection requests
  • Carrying out transactional scenarios

Our main strength: ergonomics. Fast, simple and handy with 24/7 live customer support and detailed tutorials! Our aim? To make your prospecting easier, not an ungrateful task. Send automatic LinkedIn invites with a few clicks all in an extremely customized way. 🔥

Dux soup is dangerous for your account

Dangerous for your account because it doesn’t set up limits. It doesn’t fake the human behavior and you’ll quickly be caught. Ban, suspension… here is what’s waiting for your account if you don’t pay attention.

We made up a detailed analysis to compare the two tools. To sum up, what are the differences between Dux Soup and ProspectIn?

What ProspectIn offers you is…

  • An optimal safety
  • A/B tests and transactional scenarios
  • Outstanding ergonomics
  • One of the cheapest’s pricing plan

What Dux Soup does NOT offer unlike us:

  • Following your performances
  • Having access to your statistics
  • Optimized actions for conversion

Dux sup doesn’t offer a LinkedIn scenario

Our feature is exclusive. You won’t find it on any other tool. You needed more automation. We made it. A way to save time thanks to our LinkedIn scénario. You plan your actions while adding conditions. Seen/not seen messages… For the moment, we offer 14 optimized scenarios patterns to increase your conversion rate. See how to get more than 51% of answers to your prospecting with our last article.

If you are interested in transactional scenarios, our detailed article will explain it to you specifically.

If you want to discuss, contact me directly on my LinkedIn profile. 😎


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