The difference between following and connecting with someone

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It is possible to follow a person without being part of her network on LinkedIn. By following a person, you have access to the content published on the profile without being able to exchange this person via private messaging.

This person can access to your content if part of your “follower”.

How to follow a person on LinkedIn ?

  • Simply go to their profile,
  • then click on “More”,
  • and finally on the “Follow” button.

This method is relevant if you want to keep a link with a person whose content you like, for example, or to follow their news.

If you want the person to see your content as well and if you want to send them a private message at any time, then you need to send them a connection request.

To do this, simply click on the “Login” button accessible directly from the user’s profile.

To make the process more pleasant, it is recommended that you accompany the connection request with a personalized message explaining, for example, why you want to add this person to your network. As the number of contacts is limited to 30,000 on LinkedIn, you may not be able to send a connection request to certain people. It is therefore preferable to use the Follow button!

In both cases, you must have a LinkedIn profile and both methods are accessible with a free profile.

Can I send a connection request to someone I am?

Of course you can! Nothing prevents you from wanting to connect to a person if you want to exchange by private message for example. On the other hand, you won’t be able to write to them until they have accepted your invitation.

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