Why using tags and automated follow-up for LinkedIn with Piwaa?

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In this article, I will introduce you to the “tags” functionality as well as the “snooze” functionality and the functionality automated follow-up for LinkedIn. We will see together how and why to use them.


Let’s start with the tag functionality. This feature allows you to tag contacts from LinkedIn messaging. Yet basic, this extremely practical feature for organizing your messages is missing from LinkedIn messaging.

To tag a contact, nothing could be easier: just click on the tag icon.

tag linkedin conversation
You arrive on the tag creation form, you can then create a new tag or assign an existing tag.
You can assign as many tags as you want to your contacts.

Tags are visible from the “details” tab of your contacts. They allow you to classify your contacts and to use filters to only display the contacts to which you have assigned specific tags.

Tags allow you to sort your contacts according to certain criteria. For example, if you use LinkedIn to prospect, you can use tags to identify your conversations based on the progress of your prospects in your sales funnel, or based on the campaigns they are associated with.

The other major interest of tags is their presence in data exports. With the Zapier/Integromat integration, you can link Piwaa to your CRM and thus update its information (including tags).


The “snooze” feature allows you to remove a conversation from your messaging, in order to make it reappear at a later date.
Extremely handy for tidying up your LinkedIn messaging without forgetting to deal with messages you think are important but which you cannot immediately reply to.

To use the snooze function, nothing more simple, just click on the icon and set the date and time when you want the conversation to reappear.

Linkedin snoze feature

Automated LinkedIn follow-up

The LinkedIn automatic reminders feature uses the same principles as the snooze feature, but this time, instead of simply re-appearing the conversation with a contact on a given date and time, you can schedule a message that will be sent in the future.

To schedule your automatic follow-up, simply enter your message from the form of the snooze feature. You can, of course, use the variables “first name” and “last name”, as well as your saved replies.

linkedin automatic reminder

A prospect tells you that he is interested but asks you to contact him in 2 weeks? No worries, schedule your message to automatically recontact it in 2 weeks.

The automatic follow-up function also allows you to have 5-stars customer service by scheduling your follow-up messages in advance.

With Piwaa, you will never forget to follow up with a prospect or contact a customer again. Discover saved replies for LinkedIn.😉

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