10 funny follow-up messages for LinkedIn

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At ProspectIn, we generally get between 10 and 20% responses to our messages on LinkedIn, 5 to 10% to our invitation notes. But then, how can we approach these 70 to 80% of prospects who did not respond to our requests? We invite you to discover our funny follow-up messages for LinkedIn.

10 hilarious follow-up messages on LinkedIn

Here is a list used to send prospects who have accepted our invite but have not responded to our messages. Be mindful, some are quite bold!

1. The Forgotten

“Hello {{first name}},

I never got an answer from you. It makes me very sad… Have you forgotten me?

Too many people forget me… 😥 “

2. The Farmer

Words sow silence harvests. {{firstname}}, should I assume that contrary to what suggests your LinkedIn profile, you’re in the agriculture business?”

3. Your favorite quote

I hesitate between these 3 quotes, to qualify your lack of answer:

“What’s fun is to throw a bottle in the sea and believe that it will bring the answer. “

“Often, silence is an answer.”

“By questioning the man, we wait for God’s answer.”

4. Silence’s price

“Speech is worth money, silence is worth gold. At the current gold price (around € 42,990.00 per kg), I think ProspectIn is within your means.”

5. The promo

“What to do with a child who keeps silent? Give him a treat! Here is a 50% OFF coupon. Do not waste it.”

6. Am I an idiot?

“Silence is the best answer you can give to a fool. A friend recently told me this. Is that why I never heard from you?”

7. The question

“{{first name}}, I’m trying to understand why I never got an answer from you.

  •  ProspectIn? Quésaco? I didn’t understand anything sorry.
  • It was on vacation. Now back to school. After Halloween, Christmas, my birthday, Easter… Then it’s holidays again. I really don’t have a minute to devote to you!
  • You know, I don’t think there are good or bad situations. Me if I had to summarize my life, today, with you, I would say that it is first meetings, people who reached out to me, maybe at a time when I could not, where I was alone at home, and it is quite curious to say that chance, meetings forge a destiny, because when you have the taste for the thing, when you have the taste for the thing well done, the beautiful gesture, sometimes we do not find the interlocutor opposite, I would say the mirror that helps you move forward; then this is not my case as I said there, since I on the contrary I could and I say thank you to life, I say thank you, I sing life, I dance life, I am only love, and finally when many people today say to me: But how do you manage to have this humanity? And well I answer them very simply, I tell them: it is this taste for love, this taste therefore which pushed me, today, to undertake a mechanical construction but tomorrow, who knows, perhaps, simply to put myself at the service of the community, to make the donation, the gift of self…

8. If my automation tool allowed me…

If my LinkedIn automation tool had allowed me to send a gif, I would have chosen this one to qualify your lack of response: 

Alas, he does not allow it. So, I’m still looking for other ways to attract your curiosity.”

9. The misunderstood quote

“Who is true, he cannot say. But who is silent by truth, his silence says nothing.” I found this quote recently while trying to qualify your silence. Alas, I did not understand it. “

10. Updated CRM

“You have to twist your tongue in your mouth seven times before speaking. May I know at which round you are?

With this information, I could estimate the average time for a lap by dividing the time since my first message by the number of laps and thus add an approximate response date in my CRM.

I like to have a well updated CRM. “

Obviously, you will not have 50% response rates with these messages. Some people will send you on a stroll, too “old thinking” to accept this kind of message. But others will answer you with beautiful nuggets that you can keep. It is very likely that you will be able to generate some additional leads with these hooks. And maybe it is you who will write the next top 10 of funny follow-up messages Linkedin. In any case, that’s what I wish you! 😁


Chief (Positive) Energy Officer @ ProspectIn 😎